Why use Soratinex?


* It is safe  - steroid-free so no worries about side effects. Only a small number of

patients have experienced even minor reactions (fewer than 5 per cent in 30 years)

* It is very effective - international studies involving more than 2,000 patients show

reductions in symptoms of 51-100 per cent in over 80 per cent of sufferers

* It is easy to use  - unlike many other treatments that have to be administered in

hospitals or light therapy centres

It has 30 years of safety - in Australia and Central Europe

* It can provide lengthy periods of relief – some patients remain clear for months or

years after using Soratinex

* It is pleasant to use – patients say they love the scent of Soratinex products

* It is supported by the scientific community – senior UK and European dermatologists

have tested with outstanding results