Joan Hart

‘I want to shout about Soratinex from the rooftops’

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Joan Hart, 71, a retired teacher from Cambridge

‘I developed psoriasis when I retired from teaching around 10 years ago. I had just been divorced and I think the stress of that was the trigger.

‘At first, it was itchy and I put it down to an allergic reaction to skin products. Then I developed red scaly skin which spread in patches on my elbows and legs. It was three years before I was diagnosed with psoriasis and I found it all very depressing.

‘I tried all the steroid creams but they never worked for long. I stopped wearing skirts and built up a wardrobe of trousers instead. I would go to the gym, but it was always a case of keeping the elbows tucked in to my side. I have an annual weekend away with my friends and that usually includes a spa, swim and sauna, but the swim was out. I just wouldn’t go into the pool.

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Joan’s shin before and after Soratinex

‘Then my daughter, Catriona, did some research on Soratinex and suggested I give it a go. I saw a huge improvement within weeks and just went down to the gym and flaunted the top half, my elbows. My friends couldn’t believe it.

‘And then this year for the girls’ weekend, I was back in the pool. They said I looked brilliant; they couldn’t believe it. I feel so much better about myself and so much more confident. My elbows and legs have now been completely clear for about seven months and just keep the symptoms at bay with Soratinex cream.

‘I want to shout about Soratinex from the rooftops! It has changed my life.’