Stephen Daly

‘I’d never wear T-shirts or shorts but look at me now.’ 

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Stephen Daly, 47, a roofer from south Dublin 

I first developed psoriasis when I was studying for exams at the age of 17. I think it was the nerves that brought it on. Over the years, I’ve had it on my arms, hands, elbows and legs.

Psoriasis is a very debilitating condition as it makes you very self-conscious and takes away your self-confidence. You can walk down the street and put a mask of a smile on your face as if you don’t care about it, but inside you really do.

I had a good physique when I first developed it, and I took a sun tan well, but I just covered up, especially in the summer. I would never wear T-shirts or shorts and I found it difficult to have relationships with girls. I was too embarrassed to show them my skin.

Some people become very depressed because of the condition, turn to drink or drugs, and I can understand why.

I was treated with the usual steroid creams and some would work for a while, but never for long. I didn’t have much faith that anything would get rid of it.

Then, way back in 2008, a friend of mine heard about a website that was selling Soratinex – that’s what’s being launched in Ireland now.

I had some shipped over and I simply couldn’t believe the results. My psoriasis began clearing up straight away and mostly it has never returned. You have to use the treatment correctly, and you have to persevere with it, but for me it has been unbelievable, an absolute revelation. It has changed my life. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t contain steroids – most psoriasis sufferers know these are bad for you and they’d rather not use them.

Over the years, I have told every psoriasis sufferer I have met about the treatment and it has changed their lives too. Since it launched in the UK I’ve been buying from there but I am so pleased I’ll no longer have to send away for it in pounds. I can order it here, through an Irish website and pay in euros. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this to anyone with psoriasis.

Like I say, it’s changed my life.