Soratinex- Open German trial and review of the literature. Wollina, França, Lotti, Tirant

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease affecting up to 6% of the World population. Skin care is the basic approach to restore epidermal barrier function, provide symptomatic relief, and ensure remission-free periods. We performed an open trial using herbal complex Soratinex® (also known as Dr Michaels®) in adult patients with mild-to-moderate chronic plaque psoriasis without further improvement to previous treatments in the last 6 weeks. The products Cleans- ing Gel, Scalp & Body Ointment, and Skin Conditioner were applied twice daily for 8 weeks.

-All patients achieved a Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) 50 response, 94.4% achieved a PASI 75, 66.7% achieved PASI 90, and 22.2% achieved a PASI 100.

-In week 8, 94.4% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment that was well tolerated. We performed a literature review on published trials in children and adults suffering from psoriasis.

-Herbal complex Soratinex® achieved a PASI 50 or more in about 50–90% of patients. It ensures prolonged relapse-free periods and improves the quality of life.

-Adverse events are mild and seen in a minority of patients only.

-In conclusion, herbal complex allows safe and effective self-treatment of patients with psoriasis and improves patient's autonomy.

Wollina U, França K, Lotti T, Tirant M. Adjuvant treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis in adults by a herbal combination: Open German trial and review of the literature. Dermatologic Therapy. 2018;e12624. https://