Clinical trials across Europe


An analysis of eight European studies* into the efficacy of Soratinex (2001 to 2016)



·         46 non-compliant and discontinued treatment (2%)


Results of those who continued treatment:

·         Outstanding improvement (76-100%) in 881 patients (43%)

·         Good improvement (51-75%) in 852 patients (42%

·         Moderate improvement (26-50%) in 184 patients (9%)

·         Ineffective (0-25%) in 59 patients (3%)

·         28 patients worsened and discontinued (1%)

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(Source: Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents, April-June 2016. Analysis: FRANKL Pharma. All studies took place between 2001 and 2016).


*FULL TRIAL DETAILS AND RESULTS HERE: - A multi-centred open trial of “Dr Michaels®” (also branded as Soratinex®) topical product family in psoriasis. - Efficacy and safety of Dr Michaels® (Soratinex®) product family for the topical treatment of psoriasis: a monitored status study. - Clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of “Dr Michaels®” (also branded as Soratinex®) products in the topical treatment of patients with plaque psoriasis. - Quality of life aspects of patients with psoriasis using a series of herbal products. - An innovative, promising topical treatment for psoriasis: a Romanian clinical study. - Scalp psoriasis: a promising natural treatment. - Dr Michaels® (Soratinex®) product for the topical treatment of psoriasis: a Hungarian/Czech and Slovak study. - A clinical examination of the efficacy of preparation of Dr Michaels® (also branded as Soratinex®) products in the treatment of psoriasis.