How do I use it

How to use SORATINEX products

For best results, use all three products as described below, twice a day for eight weeks. They can all be applied to the body and the scalp.


Directions for use on the body:


Apply the Skin Care Gel to wet skin using a flannel or sponge. The gel contains natural fruit acids that help to break down plaques. Usually, it is only necessary to leave the gel on for 1 to 3 minutes before washing it off and towelling dry.

The thicker the plaque, the longer the gel should be left on but only to a maximum of 10 minutes. Leaving on for too long may result in a little stinging if the gel penetrates to raw skin, so apply first on a small area to see how long is best for you


After using the Skin Care Gel, towel dry your skin. Apply the Skin Care Cream - works as an anti-inflammatory and enhances the healing effect.


After applying the Skin Care Cream, put a thin layer of Skin Care Oil on your skin. This helps to hydrate the skin, creates a protective surface over the cream and therefore enhances its healing effect.

Directions for use on the scalp:

NB: This differs slightly from applying Soratinex products to your body:



In the evening, wash your hair with Skin Care Gel (just as you would if using a shampoo) and leave it on for one or two minutes – longer if the plaques are thick (see note above). Rinse off with lukewarm water. Then towel or blow dry and style as usual.


After using the Skin Care Gel and drying your hair, apply the Skin Care Cream to all psoriasis spots.


After using the Skin Care Cream  apply the Skin Care Oil and go to bed as normally. Don’t worry - neither the cream nor the oil will stain your bedding.


While we would recommend following the same procedure in the morning, this might not be possible for people who would prefer not to leave home with oily hair. If this applies to you, then apply only the gel, rinse off and blow dry. Use the gel, cream and oil in the evening as described above.

 This kind of application may take a little longer to work, but it should still help alleviate your symptoms.