Jean Knights

‘I had psoriasis for 60 years but after Soratinex it has almost completely gone’

Jean Knight Edit

Jean Knights, 67, a psychotherapist from Guildford, Surrey.

I had psoriasis from the age of seven – that’s 60 years – before my sister read an article about Soratinex and suggested I give it a try. It first appeared when I was sent to boarding school in Johannesburg and from that time forwards it became a part of my life.

As a child I had it on my scalp, elbows and knees then as an adult it spread to other areas of my body. In my late teens I was hospitalised in a desperate attempt to eradicate it. The treatment consisted of being covered with a coal tar mixture and then wrapped in bandages. My boyfriend at the time tried to visit me and was most hurt when I wouldn’t let him see me in this state.

One of the big side effects of having such a visible skin condition is shame and embarrassment.

We moved around the world a great deal and by the time I was in my thirties I had lived in 18 countries. I had also tried all sorts of different gunges, potions, unguents, vitamin A and D analogues. I’ve fasted, I’ve juiced, I’ve dieted and eliminated food groups. I’ve had allergy testing, I’ve washed in sulphur baths, I’ve sat in the sun. It’s been like a full-time job.

When I lived in Singapore I had a dermatologist who gave me injections directly into my scalp. He also created a concoction with a multitude of ingredients that was yellow and smelly, (delightful!). It actually worked to move the psoriasis off my scalp, and also off my elbows and knees on a temporary basis. It eventually stopped working altogether.

Psychologically, emotionally, biologically…psoriasis can affect you on all these levels. It is a highly stressful condition to live with, and I know that for some people they have been driven to suicidal despair.

I feel very fortunate that my husband was so accepting and supportive and often applied the potions to my body. Apart from shame, psoriasis created in me a sense of otherness, of alienation, especially as a young person. People thought it was contagious and tended to regard me with wariness. I often felt like a freak. The fact that it’s an auto-immune illness is not something that people really take into account. If they did then perhaps there would be more understanding and compassion.

My older sister is always on the lookout for anything about psoriasis and she sent me an article about Soratinex last year. I had become so cynical. I think that most of the things I’ve tried over the years have been snake oil. But I said to myself, ‘Jean, don’t be so sceptical, give this one a go’ and I am so glad I did.

My legs were 97 per cent clear of plaques after five weeks. My arms are now 95 per cent clear. I had had psoriasis on my face for the previous five years, which was very distressing, but that has gone and the skin on my face looks great, a benefit of all the care and attention it has received?!

My scalp is completely clear. It can start to creep back a little, especially on elbows and torso, but I then re-zap it with Soratinex and it does the trick.

It has now been 10 months since I started the protocol and I can honestly say that it has been transformative. In my profession I have had to do a great deal of soul searching and emotional exploration so was already a pretty self-accepting and self-aware person.

However not having psoriasis has taken this to another level. There is an expanded feeling of freedom and delight. I am truly grateful to the company that makes this product, and am often moved to tears by the fact that it has worked for me!